CryoMass Technologies Inc.

CryoMass Technologies Inc.

CryoMass Technologies Inc. is preparing to manufacture and operate field-mobile equipment for the handling of harvested cannabis, hemp and other high-value plant material. 

The company owns patented technology that utilizes liquid nitrogen to fully separate, collect and protect the high-value materials and essential compounds from the harvested plant.

CryoMass Refinement Systems

Our Company’s Technology

Building on that technology, the company’s technical team has completed an initial design for the CryoCann 500 CF system. The CryoCann 500 CF is optimized for the rapid capture (within minutes after plant harvesting) of fully intact cannabis and hemp trichomes, as well as terpenes. Rapid capture should enable cannabis and hemp producers to dramatically reduce costs, increase end-product yields and enhance product purity. The resulting sift can be warehoused for extended periods, or further processed into consumer products.

The company believes that efficiencies delivered by the CryoCann 500 CF will trigger industry-wide changes in the handling and processing of harvested cannabis and hemp. It also is exploring the application of the underlying technology to a broad range of industries that handle high-value materials that could benefit from precision capture methods.

Our Leadership Team

CryoMass Technologies is led by an extremely experienced and talented group of individuals who offer perspectives based on their diverse backgrounds and skill sets. From our corporate officers to our board of directors, the company is well situated for future growth.

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CryoMass Technologies Inc (formerly Andina Gold, Redwood Green Corp.) regulatory filings are available at EDGAR, here – SEC CIK#0001533030 – and accessible by date via the categories below.

Company’s State location: CO | State of Inc.: NV | Fiscal Year End: 12/31

CryoMass Technologies Inc. changed its company name from Andina Gold Corp. in August 2021, prior to that, it changed its company name from Redwood Green Corp. in October 2019, previously First Colombia Development Corp.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CryoMass Technologies’s principal address is 1001 Bannock Street, Denver, CO 80204 USA.

Yes. CryoMass Technologies trades on the U.S. OTCQB® under the ticker symbol “CRYM”. CryoMass Technologies common shares may be purchased through your online brokerage account or through your registered investment broker.

CryoMass Technologies does not pay a dividend on its stock.

CryoMass Technologies’s regulatory filings can be viewed at the SEC’s EDGAR database by searching on the name CryoMass Technologies, Inc. or our SEC CIK number, 0001533030. Additionally, our filings are posted at on the Investors page.

CryoMass Technologies’s transfer agent and registrar for the common shares is Transhare, Bayside Center 1, 17755 North US Highway 19 Suite 140, Clearwater, Fl 33764 USA. Contact Kim Whiteside at (303) 662-1112 or [email protected].

If you are a registered stockholder with questions about your holdings or you need to make changes to your account, please contact CryoMass Technologies’s transfer agent, Transhare. If you own shares through a brokerage account, please contact the broker responsible for your account.

Please contact CryoMass Technologies Inc.’s Investor Relations department: [email protected] or +1 303 222 8092.

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